Integrate Seamlessly with Google Workspace
and Stay Organized with Gfacility Workforce Management System

Keep working using your favorite Google applications and your preferred environment. No switching between accounts, no manual data inputting. Save your valuable time to invest in what you do best.

No Google Workspace? No problem.
Gfacility is also a standalone solution.


Create wonderful hospitality experiences with efficient visitor management solution

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Manage all your catering directly from your Google Calendar. Streamline your catering process to boost your financial effectiveness.

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Keep track of all your money flow easily, manage your budgets effectively, and improve your company’s overall performance.

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Room signage

Gain real-time status control and optimize your workspace communication. Take advantage of the Gfacility meeting room manager to ensure exceptional coordination and flawless meeting organization in your company.

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Get all your visitor, event, catering, and financial data and notifications clearly visualized and customized.

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Visitor kiosk

Improve your visitor experience with a swift and safe check-in using our virtual receptionist with a digital QR code scanner. Capture hospitality ratings and develop your quality improvement strategy.

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Google Workspace

Import all your favorite Google applications to the Gfacility portal with a single click and avoid redundancy of manual input.

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Office 365

Easily integrate your Office 365 and conveniently work in your favorite environment without switching accounts.

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Tickets and Tasks

Automate and optimize your ticket processing and task handling to boost your team’s productivity and efficiency. Let your team resolve issues faster with the Gfacility workforce management system.

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Frequently asked questions

Our mission

Based in Belgium, Gfacility aims to help companies of all sizes and locations reach their business potential by creating a simple, tech-savvy facility management system. Our solution is an all-in-one platform that integrates a wide range of functionalities and optimizes all business processes. We, at Gfacility, have set out to ensure improved workspace, enhanced hospitality, and effective finance management. We work hard to facilitate the growth and development of our partners.

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Requesting a demo helps you verify if our software solution is a good fit for your business and answers any questions you might have. Gfacility provides a cutting-edge solution to help businesses all around the world perfect their work environment and performance. Simply fill out the form with your contact details, ask your questions, and request a demo. Once we receive your inquiry, one of our agents will get in touch with you and will let you know how to enhance your company performance and visitor experience with Gfacility.