Room Availability and Usage

The Gfacility digital signage technology allows you to keep track of:

  • Available Meeting rooms
  • Occupied Meeting rooms
  • Meeting rooms scheduled for a meet-up
  • Daily and Hourly Office Schedule

Smart Meeting Management

  • Modify the schedule or details of the meeting easily from your smart device
  • Gain live status on the meeting room screens with instant push notifications
  • Start, end, or extend your meeting with just one tap on the signage without having to log into any mobile or computer device

Instant Booking

  • Get real-time updates on the availability of rooms
  • Make instant booking from your device for unplanned or emergency meetings
  • Extend your existing booking, on the spot, with just one tap on the room signage

Custom Room Signs

  • Configure your meeting room signage with custom look and feel to match your corporate branding
  • Choose an illustrated layout and customize your conference room signage design as per your preferences
  • Play with colors or add images to create your perfect welcome set-up for the visitors

Auto-Release Room When Unused

The automatic room release option allows you to automatically:

  • Free-up booked meeting rooms that are no longer in use
  • Free-up booked rooms when a meeting is cancelled
  • Send immediate updates on office signage to notify a room’s real-time status

Digital Signage Remote Management

  • Manage all your bookings, updates, and cancellations remotely from a cloud-based dashboard
  • Activate and deactivate room signages, set up layouts, and do more from one-centralized portal
  • Make your business and internal communication strategy effortless and error-free

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