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Google Workspace

Keep working in your familiar Google applications like Google Calendar to announce visitor & add catering in just a few clicks. Watch the video below to get a preview of all the functionality.

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No Google Workspace? No problem.
Gfacility is also a standalone solution.

  • Visitors

    Make a powerful first impression with efficient and modernized visitor management.

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  • Catering

    Place, modify, track, or cancel your orders right from your Google Calendar with one-click import.

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  • Finance

    Keep track of your meeting expenses, streamline your facility management budget and gain control of your overall cash flow using a personalized dashboard.

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  • Room signage

    Optimize your workspace communication with digital signage that provides automatic real-time updates about the availability of your meeting rooms.

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  • Dashboards

    Understand and visualize your visitor schedule better, get notifications for visitor arrival, room availability, catering updates, and more.

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  • Visitor kiosk

    Make visitor check-in experience swift and safe with digital QR code scanner facility. Capture visitor feedback digitally to make it a stellar customer experience.

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  • Google Workspace

    Integrate your Google Workspace with the Gfacility portal in just a few simple steps and keep working in your familiar Google applications.

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  • Office 365

    Integrate your office 365 with the Gfacility portal in just few simple steps and keep working in your familiar office 365 applications.

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  • Tickets and Tasks

    Optimize and automate the flow and handling of your tickets and tasks. Manage templates, SLA's and many more.

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Mobile application

Gfacility is also accessible as a mobile application, this means you can access the full experience on your mobile devices anytime, anywhere. Install the app directly from the App Store or Google Play store.

mobile app

Frequently asked questions

Gfacility positions you as a progressive, tech-forward company that cares about its employees and visitors. It makes the day-to-day management of your workplace easy and efficient by making all your functions - be it scheduling meetings or ordering catering services or managing visitors - execution ready in your familiar G Suite apps like Google Calendar. It creates a seamless management structure- all the while improving your overall customer experience and making a lasting impression on everyone who walks through your doors.
Gfacility simplifies your facility management structure by providing a single platform to take care of all your needs, starting from daily schedule for booking meeting rooms, catering, and visitor management. It allows you to keep working with your familiar G Suite apps and execute functions concerning workplace management from there itself.
Gfacility is a centralized SaaS solution made specifically to streamline the way you handle your facility management. It’s user-friendly interface simplifies and automates your day-to-day activities, thus saving your time, effort, and resources. To say it in the simplest terms, Gfacility is an effective solution that organizations can use to boost productivity when it comes to facility management.
You can integrate Gfacility with G Suite and book your meetings directly from your Google Calendar. Gfacility makes an additional checkbox available in your calendar that you can use to get notifications for visitor arrival. The checkbox is available next to the attendees’ names so you can choose which notifications you wish to receive. Gfacility is also a standalone app. So, in case you don’t use G Suite or you want to get visitor announcements without setting up a meeting in Google Calendar, you can always do so directly from the app.

Gfacility is built to support a host of high-tech features, like vehicle plate recognition that sends a notification when guests arrive, and a check-in kiosk that automatically creates visitor ID badges.
kiosk that automatically creates visitor ID badges.

Once the visitor has been checked in, a follow-up Google Hangout notification is sent automatically to the host along with a receipt confirmation. In case the host fails to confirm receipt of the notification, for any reason, it will result in reception calling for a follow up.

All these features not only improve but help make the communication between the reception and hosts more transparent.
Once you sync your Gfacility app with G Suite, you get additional tabs in your Google Calendar that you can use to add catering requests to your scheduled meetings.

You can also make catering requests directly from the Gfacility app in case you do not use G Suite or want to make direct requests without booking a meeting in Google Calendar.
Gfacility simplifies the catering flow by making the exact catering details available to both parties (you and the caterer). Whether you book your catering order via Google Calendar or directly through the Gfacility app, both you and the caterer will have an overview of all the necessary information like location, time, and your order, for easy follow up as needed.
Your catering order is linked to the status of your meeting. Thus, in case your meeting is cancelled or rescheduled, your order will also be cancelled automatically.*

*Some caterers may charge a cancellation fee. Do check your caterer’s cancellation policy before placing your order.
Gfacility provides you an option to personalize your catering process. You can define your own catering restriction/availability rules, such as timeframes within which one can book catering services for the meetings, deadlines for cancellations, cancellation policy, and more, to match your specific workplace policies.
Yes, you can include chargeback cost as a part of your operational expense. With Gfacility, you can create customized financial keys, such as cost centres, projects, and more, based on which your chargeback cost will be applicable.
Financial keys, like your company’s cost codes, can be set up per entity. Therefore, only the corresponding financial keys, based on the particular organization that the user is a part of, will be shown.
Yes, you can track end-to-end cash flow involved in your facility management process with the help of Gfacility. You can monitor regular status updates and notifications for each cost line following the workflow, viz. to-be-billed, in progress, cancelled, billed, or not billed, etc. by logging into your Gfacility portal.
Yes, you can easily connect Gfacility’s finance manager to your ERP system via the Gfacilty application programming interface (API). It can help streamline and automate the entire financial process of managing your workplace.
Gfacility provides the exact floor plan at your disposal to help make your meeting room booking process faster and easier. This accessibility of the floor plan offers a clear overview of available and booked rooms for your added convenience.
Yes, you can book a workplace using the floor plan in Gfacility.

The floor plan facilitates hot desking, which allows you to book empty working places as and when required so that your employees are never left standing around without a working station.
Gfacility provides real-time updates concerning room availability on the digital signage across the workplace, thereby improving office communication and efficiency in the long run.

The digital meeting room signage can be placed in all the crucial areas around the office to give workers an overview of the available rooms and to allow them to book an empty room on short notic.
With Gfacility, you get all the important notifications concerning room availability around the office along with a clear overview of which rooms are booked at any given moment, for how long they will be booked and when they are expected to be free.
In addition to streamlining the meeting room booking process, Gfacility can help improve your front-desk reception for wonderful and lasting hospitality experience with its modernized visitor information monitors called ‘check-in kiosks’. These kiosks make the process of visitor on-boarding easier and safer with digital QR code scanning and provision of customized visitor badges, followed by automatic visitor arrival push notifications to the host.

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