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Facility Management for G Suite


Take advantage of the Gfacility solution and manage your day to day business efficiently and completely hassle free. A first of its kind, Gfacility provides facility management services through Google’s G Suite. Services in the Gfacility portal include visitor, catering, finance and workplace management.

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Our Mission

To provide an efficient and tech savvy solution for corporate organizations who are tired of relying on outdated and mundane methods for managing their daily business. Our solution is designed for small and large corporations and well-equipped with useful features, all built into Google’s G Suite.

Why choose Gfacility?

It is a simple, user friendly yet, highly advanced app that is guaranteed to dramatically improve the way you handle your daily business. It is perfect for entrepreneurs who value time, money and resources and is a handy addition that every employee can use to make the general office more productive.


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Adolf Mortelmansstraat 58, 2160 Antwerp, Belgium
+32 470 58 35 76

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