Improve visitors’ experience with the help of our easy to use and comprehensive management solution. It is designed to cover the entire process from A to Z and is built into your Google G Suite for added convenience.

Book your meetings and invite people as usual in your Google Calendar. Use the checkbox next to the attendee’s name to announce their arrival directly from the Calendar. If you want to make an announcement without having a meeting in Google Calendar, you can always do so directly from your Gfacility portal!

A hangout message will be sent automatically to the host once the visitor has been checked in. There is also an inbuilt receipt confirmation. Failure by the host to confirm receipt of the notification will result in reception calling for a follow up.

Get a full overview of all guests, both expected and unexpected, in the building at any given time. Based on the inbuilt workflow we’ll know who is in the building and who isn’t. With this information, we are able to create an evacuation list with one simple click.

A QR code is provided through the visitor’s email that they can use for a quick and efficient check in. In upgraded versions of the app, a separate visitor app will be included so guests can register and check themselves in.

With a few simple clicks you can handle the complete flow of visitors from A to Z. The application is easy to use. We also automatically print name tags and have the possibility to provide WiFi access codes for visitors.