Visitor Management Essentials: How digital kiosks can change your company for the better

Visitor Management Essentials: How digital kiosks can change your company for the better

How digital kiosks can change your company for the better


Digital signage is something most of us are already quite familiar with. From the airport to fast food restaurants, you can find digital displays in a variety of spaces. However, some companies are still relying on old fashioned methods like signing in special books at the reception. While this was an effective way of handling incoming visitors in the past, the modern, tech-driven era requires faster and more efficient ways of signing in your guests without compromising the security or integrity of your company.


How does a standard digital kiosk work?


A digital kiosk is a flat-screen monitor that allows you to carry out various functions from selecting the dish of your choice at a restaurant to signing into an office building. If you are planning on adding kiosks to your office, you will most likely place one or more larger monitors at the front desk for check-in as well as several others across the office that can be accessed by office workers who want to book meeting rooms, check the general meeting schedule or keep track of which rooms are available for future meetings and so forth.  Most are easy to use, eco-friendly, and efficient especially for bigger offices that receive large volumes of visitors. 


How can digital signage improve your office?

With working standards changing all over the world, there is no denying that modernizing your office is a key tool to improve security and general workplace efficiency. Other benefits also include:


  • Efficient meeting room management– If you have a particularly large office, digital kiosks are a great way of helping visitors and office workers alike, know which rooms are booked for their meetings and where to find them. Additional kiosks around the office can also help office workers keep track of meeting schedules and book or cancel meeting rooms on the spot.


  • Efficient communication– In addition to being integrated to your Google Calendar, software such as Gfacility also connects all office kiosks to several hosts’ personal tech devices which in turn, makes communicating with visitors and office workers around the building more efficient. For example, once a meeting host notifies people that a meeting is cancelled through their Google Calendar, a notification will immediately be displayed on office kiosks that the meeting room they had previously booked is now free. Additionally, any further meetings booked through your calendar will also be displayed on office kiosks as soon as you book them. 


  • Customizable visitor interaction– In many ways, a kiosk is a creative space that you can customize to meet your personal office standards. You have the ability to decide how you want to welcome your visitors at the front desk, what artwork you want to display when the kiosks are not being used, what languages you prefer to use, and so forth. It’s a blank canvas that you can shape to create the image that best represents your company.



Workplace trends are forever changing but digital signage is one trend that seems to be here to stay. It is easy to use, safe and a great addition if you want to improve both your meeting and visitor management.