Meeting Management Software: The Modern Guide to Planning Cost-Effective Meetings

Meeting Management Software: The Modern Guide to Planning Cost-Effective Meetings

The Modern Guide to Planning Cost-Effective Meetings


In the corporate world, meetings are an integral part of any functioning company. They serve multiple purposes including providing an opportunity to brainstorm new ideas, to solve important problems within the company and to communicate any other important business. Despite being so important, meetings tend to be a hassle. From setting up to handling unexpected problems before, during and after the meeting, there is a lot that goes into it. With that in mind, it’s important to understand that a meeting that is not well planned can cost you a lot of time and money.


Just how important is planning a meeting efficiently


Losing time is frustrating but when coupled with a loss of money, it can be a nightmare.

So, just how much can you lose if you plan a meeting poorly?

If we are to assume that an entry-level employee earns about €40 000 a year, hosting a meeting for about 2 hours should cost approximately €40. However, this only accounts for one person, and since the average meeting usually caters to multiple guests, you can expect to spend up to €300 or even more. Add to that, the cost of organizing and catering for the meeting, and your bill just keeps getting higher. If you add up the total cost per meeting and multiply it by the number of poorly planned and unnecessary meetings people have, you’ll find that companies are wasting thousands of euros every year.


What are the hidden costs of planning a meeting


While many people focus on maximizing the ROI of their meetings, they often overlook the hidden costs of planning them. From creating the meeting agenda to finding the perfect room and ensuring they have enough resources for the meeting, there are plenty of ways that you can waste time planning a meeting. This is why Gfacility is designed to provide all of these features in your calendar so you don’t spend hours or even days setting up a simple meeting. Because at the end of the day, the more unnecessary steps you take to set things up, the more money you risk wasting.


How can meeting management software improve your meeting ROI


Experts across the globe have calculated that weekly meetings take up as much as 300 hours of annual regular work time all while costing companies billions of euros in the process. Poorly planned and unnecessary meetings make up a significant portion of those estimates.

Fortunately, there is a solution for this and it comes in the form of meeting management solutions such as Gfacility. Effective meeting management software allows for efficient planning by providing various features that include:

Integration with your Google calendar that allows you to announce incoming visitors, plan meetings, and keep track of important dates without ever having to duplicate your information. It essentially is all in one space and with just a few clicks, you can plan a meeting of any size, at any time.

A simple to use and understand kiosk that offers self-registration and checkout for visitors while giving you the opportunity to keep track of who shows up and who doesn’t.
An efficient notification system that allows you to contact incoming guests using their preferred methods of communication. This system should be automated and come with receipts that confirm that notifications have been read.
Back office views and workflows that you can customize per your office needs.