Meeting Management Software: A Smart Investment for Modern Offices

Meeting Management Software: A Smart Investment for Modern Offices

Explore important solutions for your meeting management problems


Meetings are helpful if you want your company to grow and better collaborate with other companies. However, when they are poorly planned and executed, they can waste time, money, and ruin your reputation as a professional and worthwhile organization. So, what can you do to make sure you are not wasting people’s time or company resources? The solution starts with figuring out exactly what is wrong with your current system.


What are you doing wrong?

Before you can focus on improving your meeting, you need to first pinpoint your problems. A good starting point is to figure out how efficient your company is in managing its available resources. For example:



What is the average meeting budget?


Depending on how efficient you are, planning a meeting can cost you anywhere between a few hundred to thousands of dollars per meeting. You should start by listing down every service that you enlist when planning your meeting in addition to any extra features that you spend money on.


What is the nature of your meetings?


Do you host interactive and social meetings or are your meetings more structured and professional? Determining what kind of meetings you normally host is key to helping you create a schedule that better suits your requirements and style.


What spaces are used in your office buildings?


Not every space in your office is suitable for hosting meetings and you need to take note of that before booking. One of the biggest challenges hosts face is either booking spaces that cannot comfortably accommodate all of their guests or being forced to use a room too big for their group.


Finding the solutions

In general, the biggest solution for any booking challenges is without a doubt meeting management software. An app like Gfacility is designed to solve every problem you have without wasting any extra money or resources. Keeping the above-mentioned problems in mind, here are some ways you can use meeting management software to improve general efficiency:


1- Begin by installing a meeting management software that can be integrated into your Google Calendar. Gfacility is an example of software that brings all of your meeting management resources in one easy to access space. From there, you can book and cancel all of your meetings and organize additional services all while keeping track of your budget so you don’t spend more than you need to.


2- Once you have figured out what kind of meetings you want to host, you can create a schedule that caters to office needs. This schedule can be viewed by office workers either on their electronic devices or around the office on kiosks. They can also suggest changes to the schedule that you as the main host can sign off on.


3- Through your Google Calendar, you can organize your office spaces and highlight all of the rooms that are available for meetings complete with key features such as available seats, number of monitors in the room, and so forth. Again, all of these features can be viewed by everyone else so that they know which rooms to book according to the size of their meetings and any additional requirements.