User synchronization

  • Automatic synchronization of the user list in Gfacility portal with G Suite’s active user directory
  • No need to build custom integrations or maintain user population manually in Google Account

Room Details

  • Add rooms automatically from your Google Room account to the Gfacility administration panel
  • Add details like room layout or room availability/unavailability with responsive tabbed navigation

Delegate Access

  • Synchronize your Google Calendar Sharing Settings with your Gfacility portal
  • Leverage automatic profile delegations and maintenance
  • Enjoy clean delegations with automatically updated access rules

Google Sheets

  • Synchronize Google Sheets with your Gfacility portal with just one click
  • Export your Gfacility data directly to Google Sheets. No need to copy paste.

Google Calendar Add-ons

  • Import your Google Calendar to the Gfacility portal with just one click
  • Add, update, or delete all your catering and visitor management activities right from your Google Calendar

Meeting Planner

  • Seamlessly synchronize the Gfacility meeting scheduler with your Google Calendar
  • Automatically update your catering needs and host notifications as per schedule.
For instance, if your meeting is cancelled, your catering orders and visitor announcements will be cancelled automatically.

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