G Suite and visitor management – how do they fit?

G Suite and visitor management – how do they fit?

G Suite and visitor management


Making good first impressions is important if you are planning on inviting visitors and guests to your office. A good visitor management system is well-featured and easy to navigate but before you can think about customising your own system, you need to learn the basics. 


What are the required features for a good visitor management system?

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It is easy to use 

It goes without saying that the most important feature of any good visitor management system is its user friendliness. Not only is it important for you, the owner and main operator of the system to understand its features but, your visitors and staff members will need to access it at some point and the less training is required, the better and more efficient the system will be.


Calendar integration

A good visitor management system should be integrated with your calendar. With the majority of all important information already in your calendar, there’s no need to duplicate it. With a few simple clicks, you should be able to announce all incoming visitors along with any other important information that you or staff and visitors might need.


Cloud & scalable

Cloud based software allows you to gain access to any important information and data regardless of whether you are in your office or at home. If you would like to manage your meetings and general office business away from the office, it’s important to install a GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) complying cloud based software into your management system. It’s important to note that cloud based software that doesn’t comply with GDPR is not secure and compromises your data.  Furthermore, your system should be scalable to allow for more data to be accommodated as your business and visitor count grows. It’s also important to install a system that you can access from various locations without compromising your data security.


Visitor kiosk

An efficient kiosk complete with self-registration is an important feature that allows you to save time while receiving incoming visitors. It should be user-friendly and clearly set up so that anyone who accesses it can do so efficiently.


Automated and customisable notifications

In today’s offices, technology is an integral part of company business. With so many people using different means of communication, it’s important to install a visitor management system that can cater to different needs. Whether your hosts prefer being notified of meetings via email or whether they like a more traditional phone call, your management system should be able to notify them without fail. Facility management systems like Gfacility offer hangout features that notify you when visitors have arrived and that also send confirmation receipts to ensure that the host has read the notification message.


Customisable workflows

Checking in differs from guest to guest and your visitor management system should be equipped to handle that. It should be able to be able to provide sensitive information that includes NDAs and guest identity badges without compromising any office or visitor security. Take note to include features such as automated photo capturing so you can immediately recognise all visitors and insightful report generation that gives you an idea of who your guests are, when they arrive etc. 


Customisable back office views

Every reception works in its own way and each one should be accommodated in your management system through a customisable back office view.

Important back office views could include:

  • A view of all checked in users, which could be used during an emergency as an evacuation list
  • A view list of all checked out users
  • A visitors scheduled for tomorrow view
  • A visitors scheduled for this week view
  • A visitors scheduled for next week view