Expense Tracker with Advanced Filters

  • Get quick overview of all your expenses by date, location, and type
  • Categorize your billed and unbilled expenses for easier tracking
  • Get detailed billing information of any expense with just one click
  • Get instant access to info pertaining to any specific expense using filters

Customized Financial Keys

Create customized financial keys to:

  • Streamline your accounting process. For instance, you can create cost centres that can be used throughout your Gfacility portal
  • Closely monitor the efficacy of all expenditures within your company
  • Identify processes that need to be updated, reduce expenses, and increase profit margins

VAT Percentage Management

  • Set your own VAT percentages and terms for tax processing
  • Edit your VAT settings, rates, or codes in few simple steps
  • Add additional tax rate or custom tax to your company bills, as required

Improved Billing Process

  • Set your own billing terms, as per your specific requirements

Currency Management

Manage your own currency conversions and rates, as per your preference

Cash Management

  • Specify your purchase prices and sales prices
  • Set your own expense limits and policies

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