Book meetings and catering in a few simple steps. Save time, plan more effectively, and reschedule or cancel your orders without worrying.

Book your meetings as usual in your Google Calendar. We have added an extra tab in the Google Calendar where you can add all your catering items. Want to add catering without booking a meeting in Google Calendar? Add catering directly from your Gfacility portal!

We do this by working with a catering flow. The caterer will have an overview of all the necessary information like location, time, article and they can follow up on everything based on the status of the order.

Catering follows the status of your meeting so, if the meeting is cancelled/rescheduled, so too will the catering. Note: if there are cancellation fees for late cancellations then the order will still be cancelled but a fee will be added.

How many articles are sold, which articles are sold, top 5 articles on sale, which locations add the most catering? Use our reporting tool to get insights and make informed decision based on the outcome of the reports.

You have the option to define business rules like maximum or minimum time you are required to book catering for your meeting, cancellation rules for late cancellations and so much more.