Add catering to your events

  • Sync your Gfacility portal with G Suite and book catering services for your scheduled meetings directly from your Google Calendar
  • Browse through different catering services and choose as per your budget and requirements
Monitor catering status and requests

  • Modify your catering request, if needed, right through the dashboard
  • Monitor the status of your booking live (in preparation, en-route, delivered, cancelled, etc.)
  • Modify and monitor the live status of your orders from your device without having to talk to anyone at the catering facility.

Personalize Catering Availability Rules

Create your company specific rules for:

  • The availability of catering services
  • Booking requirements and minimum threshold time
  • For instance, booking can be made only 24 hours in advance or catering services will be available only from 11 AM to 5 PM, etc.

Customize Catering Restrictions

Create custom catering restriction rules to manage your catering effectively. The restrictions may be based on:

  • Location
  • Time
  • Guest Types, etc.
  • For instance, you may choose to serve some special meals only during a certain period of time, or only in select locations, or only to VIP Guests. In that case, you can restrict the catering access for any other guests.

Review Order History

You can track your orders and transactions through the dashboard and:

  • Check the contents of previous orders
  • Track who made the catering request
  • Track the time and location of service requested
  • Track the change, approval, and denial of requests

Customize Notifications

  • Get e-notifications for booking confirmations, cancellations and any important modifications you wish to know about
  • Set up your preferred notification style using customizable e-mail templates
  • Customize your templates, as per your requirements, using simple drag and drop process

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